Are you feeling confused, Lost, Overwhelmed and traumatised after a relationship with a Narcissist?


Rhian Kivits – Relate qualified Therapist, Educator and Founder Of The Narcissistic Relationship Recovery Program – offers a specialist service for clients who are ready to begin their journey of healing after an abusive relationship with a narcissistic partner.

Rhian combines her professional expertise with her study of trauma-informed, holistic and somatic approaches to relationships and intimacy to offer you a sensitive solution as you recover from the emotional and psychological damage, reclaim your self-worth and come home to yourself again.

She offers psycho-education to help you make sense of what you’ve endured in a narcissistic relationship, together with tools and techniques to help you restore a sense of safety and calm after the trauma and pain of narcissistic abuse.

Her therapeutic insight will help you unravel the toxic relationship dynamics that kept you trapped in the cycle of abuse. She will support you to heal cPTSD symptoms rooted in Narcissistic Relationship Trauma and guide you to explore secure, healthy relationships when the time is right.

This is a specialist, premium therapeutic service offering you support, personal attention and expert guidance. day or evening appointments are available online to suit your schedule and accommodate your needs wherever you are in the world.

It's important to access professional support to recover from the psychological harm caused by narcissistic abuse in a relationship.

Put an end to confusion, guilt, shame and self-blame.
Establish an understanding of what really happened in the relationship.
Heal cPTSD symptoms and learn how to handle traumatic triggers.
Overcome the heartache and trauma of repeated cycles of abuse.
Step off the draining emotional rollercoaster of irritability, sadness and chaos.
Enjoy a sense of peace, calm and safety as a result of working through narcissistic abuse.
Regain your motivation and focus as you find enthusiasm for life again.
Restore your capacity to trust yourself and others.
Recover from the traumatic impact of narcissistic co-morbidities such as sex, internet, drugs and alcohol addictions and serial cheating.
Learn how to deal with the narcissist's attempts to blame you and shame you on social media.
Recover from the confusion of being gaslit, baited, invalidated and triangulated by the narcissist.
Restore your self-worth and build a healthy self-image even if the narcissist has left you feeling hopeless or broken.
Understand and heal from the damaging impact of the manipulation tactics and strategies of a covert narcissist.
Explore how to manage co-parenting with a narcissistic ex or how to handle mutual friends.
Release co-dependent relationship behaviours as you focus on emotional availability and independence.
Reconnect with yourself through the self-awareness, self-love and self-care that the narcissist destroyed.
Recover from the pain and disappointment created by narcissistic future-faking and false promises.
Understand the narcissist's motivations and explore why you were drawn into the relationship.
Heal your dysregulated nervous system so that you're no longer in fight/flight/freeze/fawn as a result of the narcissist's abuse.
Deal with the anxiety, depression or low mood that often plagues survivors of narcissistic abuse.
Work through feelings of grief and loss and finally find the closure that the narcissist won't offer you.
Resolve conflicting thoughts and feelings about yourself, your ex-partner and the relationship.
Restore relationships with friends and family members who were driven away as a result of the abuse.
Release the narcissist's conditioning and control and start making your own choices again.
Manage unwelcome thoughts and flashbacks so that you're not re-living narcissistic trauma and struggling with fear, anxiety or avoidance.
Release unhealthy patterns learned during the abuse like seeking approval, keeping the peace and people-pleasing.
Heal attachment wounds and sexual trauma to develop a secure foundation for future relationships.
Learn to implement healthy boundaries so that you're protected from future cycles of narcissistic abuse.

Rhian offers all the insight, guidance and support you need to heal, rise and love again even if you’ve already tried self-help books, YouTube videos and coaching to recover from narcissistic abuse, overcome post-traumatic symptoms and move on with your life.

Rhian is a Relate qualified Relationship Therapist with additional training in Psychosexual Therapy and a Post Graduate Training qualification.

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse herself, she combines her professional training and her embodied knowledge, making her a true expert in her field. As a result, she has a special interest in helping clients work through the cPTSD symptoms that present with narcissistic relationship trauma.

Rhian has studied and worked extensively with Personality Disorder and has the rare advantage of having encountered many individuals with narcissistic traits in the therapy room through her work with couples.

She has a comprehensive professional development portfolio including specialist training on Narcissistic Abuse and a Diploma in Mindfulness. She is trauma-informed and has a wealth of experience with complex mental health issues, having previously worked for the organisation Mind.

Rhian’s style draws on psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, solution focused, motivational and psycho-educational approaches.

As a graduate of the Urban Tantra Professional Training program and a Breathwork Instructor, she has a passion for the mind-body connection. She’s also studied complementary approaches to relationships, intimacy and sexuality, somatic therapies, emotional healing, complementary therapies and bodywork.

Rhian has delivered thousands of hours helping clients find solutions to complex problems so that they can emerge from the confusion and finally enjoy healthy intimate relationships.

Her clients go from feeling paralysed by the past, frozen in trauma, resentful and disconnected to enjoying secure, loving relationships with great communication, rekindled passion and restored hope for the future.

Is this Right For You?

After Rhian takes a comprehensive case history, she supports you with a bespoke transformational program of regular sessions that may integrate therapeutic approaches, psycho-education, psychological and behavioural components.

She takes into account your relationship history, personality, preferences, aspirations and any other relevant factors that are important to you as an individual.

This is an online service and sessions are delivered via video call. The quality of your experience is no different to an in-person service and the flexibility of working with Rhian online is suited to clients in any location.

A relationship with a narcissistic partner is not the same as a relationship that just doesn't work out because you may be left with significant trauma.

You may not fully understand exactly how and why your partner's relationship behaviours were abusive or why you feel so confused, anxious, fearful, worthless and drained.

You may be left with physical, psychological and emotional symptoms that impact your daily life and you may feel stuck and unable to move on.

Every area of your life can suffer. Your relationship with yourself may be eroded and and your capacity to form new, healthy relationships may also be affected.

The good news is that there is a solution. What you've been through is real, recognised and understood and you don't have to struggle alone.

Recovering from narcissistic abuse takes time and it can feel challenging. This is why it’s so important to have support and guidance from a professional who understands exactly what’s involved.

You may be blaming yourself, wondering how you could have found yourself in a relationship with a narcissist, questioning your intellect, feeling ashamed or even asking yourself whether you are the narcissist!

But the truth is that individuals with narcissistic traits or those diagnosed with NPD can be covert, high-functioning and extremely manipulative.

The abuse was not your fault but it is your responsibility to take your power back, educate yourself and recover.

So if you want to heal, rise and love again and be free from the impact of narcissistic trauma, it’s time to invest in your journey of recovery.

you deserve to be free from the heartache, confusion and trauma that results from narcissistic abuse.

Clients who are offered a package of support with Rhian receive an exclusive, premium level service completely tailored to your needs.

An initial assessment will help you explore the issues, identify the possible root causes and consider the solutions that are suited to you.

Rhian only helps a very limited number of clients at any one time in order to offer you the level of care, attention and support you need – there may be a waiting list.

Results depend on your commitment, willingness to change and desire to work through the problems. 

Please see T&Cs before booking.

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