Rhian Kivits, Relate qualified Sex and Relationship Expert, runs her own independent, premium consultancy for couples who want to improve sex, intimacy, pleasure and loving connection in their relationships.

Rhian combines her knowledge of the most effective relationship counselling, marriage guidance, psychosexual and holistic approaches to help you achieve the results that you desire for your intimate relationship.

If you need help to overcome difficult problems that are plaguing your sex life and you’ve been struggling to find a way forward this is the bespoke solution for you.

Rhian has an international client base and her clients have ranged from lawyers, doctors, politicians, actors and even celebrities and peers to professionals, entrepreneurs and therapists.

She’s also had experience helping ex-patriates, military clients and couples who work away from home with the specific challenges they face.

She welcomes couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

This is a specialist premium service.

Enjoy support, personal attention and expert guidance.

Day or evening appointments available to suit your schedule.

Online sessions are convenient and flexible for busy couples.


You need an expert who has the professional skills, intuitive focus and experience to help you restore great sex, passion, pleasure and loving connection in your relationship.

When you face challenges in your work, you look for a consultant who’ll trouble-shoot, create solutions and guide you towards results. You need to understand deeply what’s going on, why it’s been happening and what you can do about it.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could get that kind of help for your sex life? Feeling happy, secure and fulfilled together is worth its weight in gold.

That’s where Rhian comes in. She specialises in helping couples solve the sex and intimacy problems that are weighing them down so that they can reclaim pleasure and feel intimately connected again.

Your meetings take place online by video call and evening appointments are available to suit your busy schedule – it’s easier than ever to get the professional help you need.

Rhian also recognises that you need more than just talking therapy.

You need a bespoke package of support that’s completely tailored to your unique circumstances, needs and couple vision. She also knows that you need to build solid foundations to recover from the past and that you want to implement solutions so that you can overcome painful problems, get sex and intimacy back on track and restore your hope for a more loving, happier future within a truly conscious relationship.

That’s why Rhian offers exclusive expert help to clients who are totally committed to finding clarity, direction and solutions so that you can overcome the past and finally welcome pleasure into your lives.

She has facilitated some incredible results for her clients, even when couples have almost given up on themselves because intimacy feels like a distant memory.

She believes that you deserve to enjoy great sex and feel alive, passionate and inspired together – there’s no need to settle for anything less!


Rhian is a Relate qualified Relationship Expert with additional training in Psychosexual Therapy and a Post Graduate Training qualification.

Her service is a unique, signature process that combines her professional training and her embodied knowledge, making her a true expert in her field.

She has an impressive professional development portfolio including a Diploma in Mindfulness. She is trauma-informed and has a wealth of experience with complex mental health issues, having previously worked for the organisation Mind. Her style draws on psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, solution focused, motivational and psycho-educational approaches.

She’s also studied complementary approaches to relationships, emotional healing, bodywork, intimacy and sexuality including sensual bodywork, intimate massage, ecstatic breath work and erotic hypnosis.

As a graduate of the Urban Tantra Professional Training program with a passion for all things mind-body-soul she also has built a thriving international spiritual business for women alongside her therapeutic consultancy work.

She’s delivered thousands of hours helping clients find solutions to complex problems so that they can emerge from the confusion and rescue their struggling relationships.

Her clients go from feeling paralysed by the past, resentful and disconnected to enjoying intimate relationships with great communication, rekindled passion and restored hope for their longterm future.


We may not have learned how to create healthy, fulfilling sex lives as young people and it’s a topic that’s taboo in many families. But it’s never too late to start enjoying the pleasure and intimate connection that’s been missing from your relationship!

“There are some people who just have the gift for saying the right thing. You’ve been a ray of light.”

D – learning to enjoy sex again after a traumatic relationship

Rhian is an insightful, empathetic and thoughtful professional who has changed my life. I felt like I could tell her anything, and she encouraged me to challenge myself to get to the core of my issues. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
G - Music Producer

Unresolved childhood issues were affecting this client

We love Rhian’s authenticity – she is calm and full of knowledge. She’s helped us to know true value of loving each other within our marriage.
V - Homemaker & J - Military

Trust issues, problems with sex and dramatic disputes dominated this marriage

We didn’t know if we could stay together. She helped us think and explore the options. We appreciated Rhian’s warmth, her good memory and her light sensible approach. She helped D find ways to deal with debilitating anxiety and to cope with daily life at a difficult uncertain time.
D - Lawyer & M - Designer

This couple had lost their spark

We resolve conflict quicker, our expectations are realistic and we have learned better communication skills. You taught me how to stop bringing issues from my previous relationship into my new one.
A - Therapist

Constant conflict over sex was destabilising this relationship

We finally put an end to repetitive arguments that drained our energy. We agreed to apply Rhian’s solutions together and she helped us restore joy in our relationship that had been missing. We found deeper connection and started to understand each other. We haven’t had a real argument in the last 3 months thanks to Rhian!
M - Media CEO & B - Entrepreneur

Communication breakdown was destroying the intimacy in this marriage

You helped me develop into a stronger, more confident, happy person. Thank you so much.

A - Entrepreneur

Struggles with self-expression created intimacy problems for this client


Is this right for you?


Get the solutions you need from an Expert who's helped hundreds of couples and individuals with sex and intimacy problems reclaim the spark of loving connection


Enjoy a confidential, supportive and safe space where couples of all genders and sexual orientations are welcomed and the unique vibrance of your intimate relationship is celebrated


Take action now to save your sex life, reclaim a passionate, secure connection and avoid the pain and disruption of separation or divorce


Invest in your emotional well-being and personal growth to overcome the painful problems that have been plaguing your relationships and sex life



Couples who are offered a package of support with Rhian receive an exclusive, premium level service completely tailored to your needs. Clients are personally selected for their suitability and compatibility with the service.

Rhian only helps a very limited number of couples at any one time in order to offer you the level of care, attention and support you need – there may be a waiting list.

Results depend on your commitment, willingness to change and desire to work through the problems. Please see T&Cs before booking.

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