Marriage on the rocks? Afraid you may be facing divorce or separation? Shocked and hurt after betrayal or an affair?


Rhian Kivits, Relate qualified Therapist and Sex and Relationship Expert, helps couples in crisis find solutions to the painful relationship problems that have been tearing you apart so that you can avoid the trauma of separation or divorce.

Rhian combines her professional expertise with her study of trauma-informed, holistic and somatic approaches to relationships and intimacy to offer you a fully bespoke solution that meets your unique couple needs.

She offers a focused, bespoke program for couples to help you work through the issues and end the heartache.

Rhian’s clients have ranged from lawyers, doctors, politicians, actors and even celebrities to professionals, entrepreneurs and other therapists. She’s also had experience helping ex-patriate and military couples with the specific challenges they face.

She offers a safe space to help you explore your way forward, together with psycho-education to help you move on from the past, reclaim your couple connection and create the loving relationship you desire.

This is a specialist, premium therapeutic service offering you support, personal attention and expert guidance. day or evening appointments are available online to suit your schedule and accommodate your needs wherever you are in the world.

When it’s make or break for your relationship, you need professional support.

Manage differences in your values and aspirations as a couple.
Recover and restore trust after infidelity, betrayal or an affair.
Support each other through infertility, IVF, pregnancy or birth.
Improve communication and manage conflict.
Forgive, restore respect and be a strong team again.
Learn to support each other during a time of stress and pressure.
Release codependency and develop healthy interdependence.
Avoid repeating past mistakes or family of origin patterns.
Consider how to co-parent supportively.
Refocus on your commitment and rekindle the spark.
Support each other through mental health challenges.
Deal with the aftermath of addictions or internet misuse.
Navigate complex family matters or problems with in-laws.
Move on after grief, loss, ill-health or unexpected change.
Learn how to work with each other's attachment style and create security.
Learn to share, negotiate and compromise with each other.

Rhian offers therapeutic insight and gold standard support to help you make shared decisions about your relationship that feel right for you.

Rhian is a Relate qualified Relationship Therapist with additional training in Psychosexual Therapy and a Post Graduate Training qualification.

Her service is a unique, signature process that combines her professional training and her embodied knowledge, making her a true expert in her field.

She has a comprehensive professional development portfolio including a Diploma in Mindfulness. She is trauma-informed and has a wealth of experience with complex mental health issues, having previously worked for the organisation Mind.

 Her style draws on psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, solution focused, motivational and psycho-educational approaches.

As a graduate of the Urban Tantra Professional Training program she has a passion for the mind-body connection.

She’s also studied complementary approaches to relationships, intimacy and sexuality, somatic therapies, emotional healing, bodywork, intimate massage and breath work.

Rhian has delivered thousands of hours helping clients find solutions to complex problems so that they can emerge from the confusion and rescue their struggling relationships.

Her clients go from feeling paralysed by the past, resentful and disconnected to enjoying intimate relationships with great communication, rekindled passion and restored hope for their longterm future.

Is this Right For Your Relationship?

After Rhian takes a comprehensive case history, she supports you with a transformational program that may integrate therapeutic approaches, psycho-education, psychological and behavioural components.

She takes into account your relationship history, preferences, aspirations and any other relevant factors that are important to you as a couple.

You’ll usually attend sessions together but in some circumstances, Rhian may recommend you attend some individual sessions as part of the process.

You may be invited to try couple exercises and resources in-between sessions to support your process. You’re never asked to do anything you’re not comfortable with and Rhian adapts her recommendations to suit your needs.

This is an online service and sessions are delivered via video call. The quality of your experience is no different to an in-person service and the flexibility of working with Rhian online is suited to busy, professional couples in any location.

The disappointment and pain of ending a relationship can leave you feeling angry, disillusioned, broken and unable to move on.

The financial expense, the practical losses and changes in living arrangements can be stressful and feel devastating. Children can struggle with the disruption or harbour resentment towards you. They may be left confused and their own relationship behaviours may be impacted as they grow older.

Rebuilding your lives can be challenging because you all have to adapt to the new situation and you may be left with unanswered questions or doubt that it was truly the right choice.

If you do decide to separate, it's important to reduce harm to all members of the family unit, maintain mutual respect and create closure so that you can all process and move forward with your lives.

Relationships can be challenging but you don’t have to give up even if you’ve already tried couple counselling or self-help strategies without success.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to remain stuck, accepting second best in your relationship with the risk of a painful ending that neither of you truly want.

Take action now to heal your relationship, reclaim secure, loving connection and avoid the pain and disruption of separation or divorce.

If you want to stop going round in circles, repeating old patterns, sweeping your problems under the carpet and feeling frustrated that nothing changes, it’s time to invest in your relationship.


Clients who are offered a package of support with Rhian receive an exclusive, premium level service completely tailored to your needs.

An initial assessment session will help you explore the issues, identify the possible root causes and consider the solutions that are suited to you.

Rhian only helps a very limited number of clients at any one time in order to offer you the level of care, attention and support you need – there may be a waiting list. The results of any kind of therapy and coaching always depend on your commitment, willingness to change and desire to work through the problems.

Please see Ts & Cs before booking.

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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.



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