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The Narcissistic Relationship Recovery Community offers the three things that experts agree will support your recovery after a relationship with a narcissist.

Access to an Expert Therapist who understands narcissism and relationship traumaI'm Rhian, a Specialist Therapist and Educator sharing they keys to healing that help you take your power and your life back.
Education and information about narcissistic abuse, the traits and tactics of a narcissist and the symptoms and struggles you're experiencing. If you want to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding that helps you recover, this group is for you.
Engaging with a like-minded community in a safe space where you can share and receive support and encouragement from others. I'm opening this group so that you no longer feel isolated and confused as a result of what you've been through because you'll be surrounded by good humans who truly care.

"This is wonderful! Thank you. I haven't been in a group where the actual creator interacts with us the way you do. It's really encouraging to know there's someone who gets all the different ways and stages each one of us are on in our journey. Feels good to have this." S, GROUP MEMBER

"I absolutely have found it so, so incredibly liberating, safe and pivotal in my recovery and just a life-saver on days where I have just been heartbroken and confused, thinking I couldn't stick to 'no contact'  etc. but I have done it and will continue to. Thanks so much for such an important and hugely helpful group Rhian." V, GROUP MEMBER

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