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Sexual problems

I offer focused counselling for couples, singles or people in other relationship models who need help with sexual matters.

I offer a truly holistic, integrative approach which means that I draw on a wide range of theoretical perspectives and treatment methods according to your needs – dependent upon whether your issues are physical, psychological or a combination of the two. Therapy may be short or long term.

I can help partners find greater intimacy, more joy and strive to meet each other’s needs. Individuals can reach deeper personal insight, freedom of expression and a stronger identity.

I have experience offering help with sexual problems such as:

Sexual dysfunctions (erectile & ejaculation problems, pain during intercourse, vaginismus)
Loss of desire, issues with arousal or orgasm
The impact of sexual abuse or violence
Worries about sexual health
Anxieties or phobias that affect sex
Problems with body image or sexual self esteem
Questions around sexual & gender identity
Sexual problems within relationships including sexual preferences, styles & sexual techniques
Desire to explore different models of relationship & the complexities that arise
Questions about sexual practices
A need to understand your sexuality or body more deeply
Sex, love & internet compulsivity (clients & partners)

When you present for therapy I will take an extensive history to develop a full understanding of what is happening for you, whether there are any factors from your past that might be relevant and identify your motivations and needs.

Following this I will put together a programme of therapy for you that may have behavioural, educational or therapeutic components. You may be offered tasks to try at home that we will review together in future sessions.

I understand how difficult it can be to talk about sexual matters so I offer a compassionate, down to earth approach. I will never automatically pathologise you and will support you to find your sexual authenticity. I believe that sexuality is a powerful human force that is a valuable aspect of each and every one of us and that working through sexual issues is an important factor in achieving balance in our lives. It is therefore something to be embraced, explored & enjoyed.


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