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Sex & internet ‘addiction’ (compulsivity)

I have attended specialist training to offer help if you are struggling with the negative impact that compulsive sexual behaviour/use of pornography/dating sites/hook up apps is having on your life. Perhaps you’ve identified that there’s a problem but you’ve been unable to stop or get things under control.

I can also support your partner if they are affected.

Some of the problems you may face as a result may be:

Financial difficulties
Lack of focus on work or study
Legal problems or trouble at work
No interest in hobbies, sport or meaningful activities in life
Disconnection from family and friends
Lack of time to maintain a balanced lifestyle due to spending more and more time online
Secrecy, deceit and trust issues in your relationship
Difficulties with intimacy, commitment or maintaining a functional relationship
Sexual problems
Sexual behaviour that you can’t control or that you later have negative feelings about
Feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem and shame
Roller-coaster emotions

Counselling can help you work through the shame and isolation that you may be experiencing. You will be supported to identify the underlying causes of and triggers to your behaviour, develop coping strategies and management plans to support your recovery and formulate better relationships moving forward.

If you’re affected by your partner’s behaviour, it can help to explore your emotional reactions further, to start to understand what might have been going on for them and to work out how you can move on from the experience.

Love ‘addiction’

Do you feel the compulsion to seek romantic love but struggle to maintain healthy, balanced relationships beyond the intensity of their ‘first flush’ feelings? I can help.

Some of the problems you might experience include:

Falling in love quickly and irrationally
Ignoring the red flags about prospective partners and finding them irresistible regardless of logic
Fixating and fantasising about partners to the point that nothing else matters
Experiences of unrequited love or the unrelentless chasing of partners
Struggling with endings of relationships
Fear of commitment and a tendency for drama
Being unable to bear the idea of being single or alone
Forgetting the needs of family and friends
Becoming impulsive, risk taking in your sexual behaviour or lacking emotional control
Disproportionate romantic pain or a succession of painful relationships
Seeking a partner at all costs and at the expense of anything else in your life
Moving from relationship to relationship without really learning, developing or getting anywhere

Love ‘addiction’ can manifest differently for individuals and each case is unique. Counselling can help you work out what is happening for you and consider the events in your past history that might have contributed to the problem. Together we can look at what it is you’d like to achieve in restoring balance in your life and you’ll be supported to find a less chaotic and dramatic way of engaging in rewarding relationships that really do work for you.


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