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LGBTQ+ & GSRD (Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity)

I’ve had extensive experience working with people (couples and singles) of all genders and sexual orientations and I’ve had specialist training in the issues you face.

Coping with the challenges you encounter is not always easy, and when you’re faced with difficult feelings and a lack of acceptance or empathy from the world around you it can be confusing and worrying. If you’re struggling, seeking somewhere you can talk openly without fear of judgement can bring great relief.

Working out how you can unleash your authentic self-expression is a journey in itself and I believe passionately that we all have the right to enjoy life, work and relationships in the ways that work for us individually.

Life is not a ‘one size fits all’ experience!  I’ll help you work through the emotional layers, empower you with self-help techniques and motivate you to move forward.

It’s not all about sex of course, but as a Graduate of both the Urban Tantra Professional Program in New York and Tantra Massage Training here in the UK, and having benefitted from a year’s professional development training in Psychosexual Therapy I’m well equipped to help with questions you might have about your sexual preferences, sexual expression or sexual practices. 

I currently administer the Accreditation Scheme for Pink Therapy, the UK’s largest independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients and have assisted the organisation’s training arm with marketing consultancy services

Together we can explore your options, work through the experiences of your past or focus on personal growth. Perhaps you’d simply like a safe space to talk freely. Whatever your needs, I will always support you.


TEL: 07802 697710