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General counselling


Counselling offers you a safe, confidential place to explore your feelings and find clarity with any area of your life.

Coping with life’s challenges is not always easy, and when you are faced with difficult feelings it can be confusing and worrying. If you are struggling, seeking somewhere you can talk openly without fear of judgement can bring great relief. Counselling can also help at times of grief, loss and change or when you feel like circumstances around you are beyond your control.

I’ll help you work through difficult feelings, empower you with self-help techniques and motivate you to move forward with issues such as:

Work troubles (work/life balance, disciplinary procedures, stress)
Financial worries
Bereavement, grief & loss
Anger & stress
Depression, anxiety & other mental health challenges
Health problems
Drug & alcohol use
Lack of confidence or self worth
Adapting to life changes

Together we can explore your options, work through the experiences of your past or focus on personal development. Perhaps you’d simply like a safe space to express yourself. Whatever your needs, I will always support you.

With a wealth of experience helping clients struggling with mental health challenges, I am also well equipped to help if you’re coping with low mood, anxiety, depression or seasonal affective disorder.


TEL: 07802 697710